10 argumenten waarom marketing en mobiel slecht samen gaan

Alle ogen zijn gericht op de mobiel. Ook die van marketeers.

De mobiel biedt kortweg de kans dichter bij de consument te komen. En een boodschap kan zowel op individueel niveau als qua locatie relevanter worden gemaakt.

Maar er ligt ook een gevaar op de loer. Merken kunnen mensen simpeler, en nog directer lastig vallen.

In dat kader zijn de onderstaande 10 punten niet per definitie waar, maar wel relevant om in het achterhoofd te houden.

“10 ways the mobile future will suck

1) Mobile marketers will send spam-like messages to consumers’ phones without getting permission to do so.

2) Mobile spam will be much more annoying than all of that email and blog spam. Mobile spam feels much more personal.

3) Marketers will learn their lessons about message relevance in reverse… most likely after the fact. There will be many examples of what not to do.

4) Mobile communications will be significantly cheaper for consumers willing to receive marketing messages. For example: free TV on your cellphone…

5) Consumers will revolt against being tracked by GPS, particularly if there is no clear opt in/opt out option for tracking and receiving messages.

6) Tracked consumers will have their profiles sold to marketers. Angry consumers will rally together and form class actions against such practices, and mobile marketing regulations will be enacted.

7) Media stories will name companies that spammed and tracked their customers, smearing the names of those companies and turning away potential customers.

8) Mobile spam filtering software will be a necessity. It could be a new evenue stream for telcos or offered as part of a bundled service. This will be a major service differentiator and major driver for switching carriers.

9) Mobile marketing will shift its focus from text messaging to mobile web with slick offers, presentation and relevance.

10) Mobile messaging will have to become more relevant given the limited real estate and high irritation factor.”

Bron: Greg Verdino

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